Nature Is a Friend

Nature is something that exists by itself and have the ability to renew itself. Isn’t it amazing? As humans we are also a part of it. And it’s also a good friend of ours which has rewarded us, the humankind, with it’s blessings for thousands of years. And what did we give in return? Definitely not good things. Unfortunately we’ve harmed our good old friend for hundreds of years as we couldn’t know it’s value.

“We’re at war with nature. If we win it, we are lost.” said Hubert Reeves. It’s such a meaningful word that shows how piteous the situation is. He’s so right cause if we win against the nature, actually we lose. In other words, nature is not our enemy. It’s our home, our friend, our everything. There’s no point in fighting it. Because as a part of it we also get harmed when we hurt it.

Wildfires, droughts, famines and many more are the result of mankinds’s selfishness and recklessness. All these tragic events happen because of us and destroy everything including us. Instead of being useless and damaging at the same time we should start being more sensitive. We must think the consequences of our actions and act accordingly.

First of all we should start with spreading awareness cause it’s so important to prevent further destruction. As Nathenial Branden said:” The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.” To be able to change we must be aware of the situation and accept it in the first place. Topics about nature and how to protect it should be discussed in schools in order to have a sensitive and caring generation which will stop the main problem.

Secondly, governments, non-governmental organizations and all people should work together and take precautions that prevent the damage given to nature. For instance, we can start with prohibiting the pollution of forests, seas and all kind of natural places. We must also fulfill our duties as individuals.

There are many more things to do in order to help protecting nature. But the most important is knowing that nature is our friend and we must act according to that. This process starts with the individual himself. The individual changes, the family changes, the country changes and finally the world changes. So let’s start doing something instead of making no progress. Don’t forget, it’s never too late!

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