Nature Is The Future


We have difficulty appreciating the world that has hosted us from past to present. Why did I say something like that? I think we all know the answer to this question deep inside. I mean, what I want to emphasize here is that people use the world, nature, for their own benefit. And as a result of the persistence of this problem, we can now see that people have seriously damaged nature. We have to do something to prevent this.

First of all, we must make people conscious of nature. So how are we going to do that? According to research, the more people are intertwined with nature, the more their empathy toward nature develops. At the same time, they learn how people should behave toward nature, during the time they intertwined with nature. For this reason, we should do nature walks as much as possible, camping, and do many other activities together with nature. In addition to these, we can make things like banners, brochures, and posters that say how we should behave towards nature, not to pollute it, not to use it for our own benefit. If I were to give one last example of awareness-raising, it would be trips to schools. Being intertwined with nature in the developmental age of children integrates them and they are born as conscious individuals from the ground up. In other words, excursions in schools are important for children in terms of nature.



If we can handle this awareness-raising business, life will be easier both for us and for nature. Because a conscious individual does not pollute his environment. Because he sees it as his own home. It already is. As I said at the beginning, our world, our nature is home to all humanity and other living things. A conscious person knows this and acts accordingly.



To summarize, the way to protect our nature is to solve the most basic problem. It is the ignorance of people. Therefore, it is very important to raise awareness of people. Be you, do not remain silent against people who act badly or harmfully towards nature. Because “We’re at war with nature. If we win, we’re lost.”

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