Nature isn’t our enemy

The term “nature” is extensive because nature includes the process of growing, living plants and animals, rocks, beaches, forests, weather and physics, and a lot of stuff like that. So nature is a big power. This power can help us if we help nature. “We are in a war with nature, if we win we will lose.” this word means nature is on a critical balance that balance shouldn’t be destroyed because if peoples continue to become harmful to nature this would be bad for humanity and it wouldn’t be temporary.


My thoughts about this word are if we continue to destroy nature humanity won’t live too much. In the current climate, some people aren’t thinking about the consequences of their behaviors. Such as some factories’ polluted waters are pouring into the seas and oceans and some factories are not set filters for their smoke holes. Such behaviors affect nature badly. We can say that these bad behaviors are the bullets and bombs of this war. Seems like humanity is on the winning side of this war. Some wins don’t always end well.


I believed that in the long run, we will win this war and the balance of nature will be destroyed. And if this balance destroys humanity will vanish from the world. Scientists say that humans can not live without some plants or some animals or some insects. Such as if bees become extinct humans can not live much longer or if cats become extinct the cat’s persons will be really sad. There are lots of examples like that. But some disrespectful people are still cutting trees and they are preferring personal cars to public transportation or they are still throwing some trash to the ground. But they will see the bad end of this war.


The long and the short of it is people are destroying the environment and nature but they don’t know the truth that hiding behind this situation. When they realized the bad end it will be late. So humanity has to rearrange itself. So if we become successful at arranging themselves, nature will win this war.


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