Nature of Human

It seems to me that there are no such concepts as being good or bad in human nature, I believe that the existence of these concepts is contrary to creation. If a person has opened his eyes to the world as pure good or pure evil, most of the things that we define as bad and most of the things that we define as bad should be good. Because no being will look at anything that happens outside his nature in moderation, as well as perceive it as a positive concept, this is consciousness.


If a person’s nature had such a distinction as pure good or pure evil, then the world would also be dominated by good or evil, because no matter what a being decides about, he always makes his decisions in the way that is closest to his essence. If there is a war, decency is ignored, humanity is ignored, blood is spilled between two countries at one end of the world, and at the other end of the world, the presence of people who are doing their best to erase this bloodshed shows that the nature of human cannot be discussed. To give a different example, let’s examine the theft. Nowadays, theft is a very bad act, but the reasons for the theft make it excusable or inexcusable. The theft of bread that a mother or father steals for her hungry waiting child at home is not the same as the theft that a person who earns his living stealing something does. He can’t be judged the same way. In essence, they are both thefts, but one is to feed the stomach of an innocent, child who has to remain in the shadow of all these evils in the world, and the other is to have more money every day, to want to have more money.


It seems to me that every person has his own nature, which is formed wherever he was born. Wherever he opened his first eye, wherever he took his first step, it is the nature of that person that makes him. A baby who can’t make sense of what he’s just seen sees what he’s wearing, sees what he’s showing, and learns what you’re teaching in the same way. Although something is defined as bad for society and humanity, it normalizes it until the child reaches the stage of consciousness in real understanding.

Over time, this child begins to understand himself and notices and feels his presence. Emotions bring him to a certain consciousness, he learns not to do anything that harms him, understands that he should not stand in the cold, and begins to understand what he is doing and understand his own biological existence. Then her emotions kick in. As a person lives, understands, and experiences, he begins to discover his fears, happiness, sadness, or ambitions. No one says that you will be this person from birth until you become this person, your choices in the path you take make you good or bad. Emotions are such a different dimension that they are different in every person in a way that every person in the world can do differently from each other.

Summing up, it seems to me that the nature of a person resembles a white sheet. Nothing’s ever been written before, there’s no sign of it in the script. As a person grows up, his experiences begin to be recorded on this white paper one by one. Some experiences a person writes on paper in such a way that they are never erased with a ballpoint pen, others are written in the form of a faded inscription in pencil, and the totality of emotions that these create in a person makes a person good or bad.

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