People, harming people, never think about nature. I do not think that any animal, except predators, will harm a person without provocation , but people are not like that. There are those who have the potential to harm another person just because he is unhappy. Considering that we live in a time when a person can upset the balance of other people, we understand that it is actually a big loss for a person to win in this war. Because a person, as you say, is a willful, controlling being.

He uses his logic. He does not allow everyone to upset the substance of everything, his spirituality, the self that made him who he is. It often turns upside down in the face of human ambition. The endless
if a vulnerable human being can be defeated, what can a vulnerable nature do in life in this situation.
Every work that the human race does, as with other living things, receives a reaction from nature. But one day, nature will not be able to remove what has been done; of course, the answer it will give will be to eliminate the human race. He will do this by saying that he can no longer handle your garbage, your garbage, and he will not offer favorable climates suitable for human life.

Perhaps the most cruel thing about nature is that since it seems to be a completely living single organism, it always seems to handle what happens to it and gives reactions that tend to lead a living life. But for a living group living on it, it is impossible to turn it down in a short time when the threshold of violence for deterioration of living conditions is crossed, so it quietly eliminates that living group.

If I remember correctly, over the past two centuries, more than 200 species of mammals have disappeared. It’s supposed to be under 10 under normal circumstances. I think that this system, which is aimed at only one purpose; underestimating nature; aiming at growth goals that are not even clear what it means, will also lead to the destruction of mankind because it ignores nature.

Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible god and destroys a visible nature. unaware that this nature he’s destroying is this god he’s worshipping. This is the war that nature is right about, because mankind started this war, and sooner or later it will win.

If there were no people, there would be another living being. Perhaps as a result of a catastrophe, our world will become extinct and other creatures will take over, we don’t know. This cycle continues as long as nature itself does not disappear. if nature disappears, wow.

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