Nature’s Revenge

There is no place for people to live other than earth since no planet where people can live has been found yet. We have to take care of this planet. The world can continue to live without us, but we can not live without it. We need it to live. That’s why we should appreciate the world we have.

We’ve been damaging the world over the years. As a result of the damage we have done to the world, the world is gradually becoming unlivable. However, humans try so hard to make the world unlivable. We destroy forests to build skyscrapers, we pollute nature by opening natural wonders to tourism, we continue to use airplanes and cars despite knowing the dangerous gases they emit into the atmosphere…The bad thing is that we cannot bring an end to these examples.

The greenhouse gases we emit around the world cover the world like a blanket and create the greenhouse effect by not allowing the incoming sun rays to go out again. The greenhouse effect causes many catastrophes, such as rising temperatures and melting glaciers. In addition, one of the biggest causes of increasing fires in recent years is climate change. The rise in water levels will even cause many countries in Europe to be submerged underwater. Many disasters like this will appear in the near future.

In addition, the changing climate affects not only humans but also animals and plants. Biodiversity is decreasing day by day because of global warming and the climate change it causes. Einstein said that the death of bees would mean the end of humanity, but already in the last 30 years, twenty-five percent of bee species have disappeared. Even the smallest thing we change in the world is enough to upset the balance of nature. The extinction of an animal disrupts the food chain and upsets the balance of nature. The bees are needed for surviving of plants. No bees cause no plants.

Even though it has been taught from primary school age that plastics and other wastes are destroyed in nature for a long time, we still pollute nature with our garbage and destroy natural beauties. Many animals, including sea creatures, die by mistaking our wastes for food.

In this war with nature, every bullet we throw at nature actually harms us. If we continue to do what we have done to the earth a little longer, there will no longer be a planet to live on for future generations. So we should treat nature well and strive to keep the world a livable place. As the Russian writer, Dostoyevsky said “Revenge for a crime against nature is more formidable than human justice.”

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