Necessary or Unnecessary?

Homework is schoolwork that pupil is required to do at home. Some students think that homework is unnecessary and school day is long enough. Other students think that homework is helpful for learning lectures. Both of sides have valid reasons.

The school day is already long enough. In school, there are 9 lessons daily. It is enough for learning the topics and solving questions. There is enough time to repeat the topics at school. If the student is able to understand the topics in the lessons, she or he does not need to repeat at home. If the student understands solving the question types, she or he does not need to solve same things. Thus, some of the students think that homework is unnecessary. They can do everything at school and it is enough for learning. Furthermore, they want to take a rest when they came from their school. Maybe, after rest, they have to go their training. If they want to review topics that they have learned, they may not have time when they have homework. In addition, doing homework at late time may not be beneficial to understand. Therefore, without homework, students can arrange themselves more efficiently after school at home.

On the other hand, some students think that homework helps students to get better results. In my opinion, this opinion is not valid. If student wants to study, he or she can do extra work, teachers don’t need to give anything. In some way student can find test. If student cannot find, he can ask extra work from the teacher. Teachers think that when they give homework, lazy students will do that, but it is not true. Lazy students will copy the homework from their friends. It is not the write way for learning. Maybe some students need more time to learn the topic when compared to the other friends. However, teachers give homework and students are trying to do that. As they don’t understand the topic, they cannot do the homework correctly. Therefore, instead of giving homework to all students, another way can be provided by the teachers.


To sum up, giving homework do not help students. If someone wants to study, he does not need any homework. He can always find something to work. If some students do not want to study, it is not the way to motivate them with giving homework. They will not do homework in any case or copy from their friends. So, giving homework is unnecessary. 

Deniz Mert Algün

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