Necessity of Life

Day by day I became reluctant. Do you know how old I was when I felt this way? I was very young and always they asked me to do more than I could. I was good at drawing, I had a good voice, I could play sports, but none of that mattered. How much I got in math was always more important because that’s how your parents would be proud of you. In fact, you were generally appreciated and loved more for being intelligent or beautiful. The reason for this is that everyone is compared to each other, everywhere, in every condition. It should not be forgotten that everyone’s ability is different. But the education system forces people to learn subjects that are not their area of ​​interest. I argue that people should take the lessons of their own business.

When we look at nature, it gets worse day by day because we don’t care about our health, plants, and animals. We see plastic in the sea, we don’t use public transport and we consume a lot of meat in a week, global warming is caused by these reasons and many people and animals are harmed by it. Literally, people are harming their own health, people need to take some responsibility towards nature. If not, some negative things will happen for example biodiversity will be decreased, sea level will be increased and seasonal changes will occur. In addition to this, some people cut trees, I don’t understand how they do such a thing. I never dreamed of such a world.

Some countries have low economies, so poverty is high. With poverty there are deficiencies in the field of health, education will not be enough, so literacy will be low, homelessness increase, and people are malnourished.

However, we also don’t know the value of food and water. In some countries, people are dying for it. And a few diseases come out of starvation. That’s why we have to help people. Would you like to live in such a country? Well, sometimes the lives we dream and the lives we live are very different. No one lives because they want to live everyone is alive because they have to live.

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