Necessity of State and Sovereign Powers

Throughout the history of humanity, especially since the beginning of interaction between people, our instincts to live and organize have always existed with us. Communities that could not live comfortably and peacefully without communication and agreements were also doomed to disintegrate. therefore, living under the domination of a certain leader will constitute a situation contrary to human nature. Not only that it is contrary to human nature, but also many problems that it can cause can be shown as evidence for this argument.These problems can be bad situations such as inequality, creating an environment that encourages crime, and failure to protect even basic human rights. When one is not under a certain state or a sovereign power, people cannot feel safe, so it is almost impossible to live together.


We can consider the situation of creating an environment of inequality as one of the worst scenarios because if the powers of the constitution are not effective in a place, only physical force is effective. This means that in an unregulated environment, people will try to deal with their affairs unfairly, mostly financially or physically. Since there will not be a set of rules set by the state, punishments for bad behavior and crimes will not be given within the framework of justice. All of these reasons make it very difficult to live as a society.


Considering the main purpose of the state or sovereign powers, all these constitutional rules and legal system can be considered as a scale based on protecting the fundamental rights of the people. It may not be easy to protect these basic rights in a society where there are no political powers and leaders who keep the society in balance and actually give us our freedoms. Even though justice is not always one hundred percent correct, it is better than having no place in any of our lives. Because not living under a certain power requires making our whole life different from the current one, and it may even be more complicated.


In short, even if we do not always feel its presence or sometimes we do not agree with some rules, all this order that we are used to is actually what we need. By displaying a humane attitude, living under the rules of a leader, a community like the state, stronger than us, pushes us to feel safe while living as a society and to feel peaceful with the confidence of justice.

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