Need To Be Free To Be Happy

People are always act like how they should be acting but what is exactly  that they should be? Who is deciding what is true and what is false like how we should act in a propriate way?

For example shouts of laughter in public is said to be rude and disrespectful to other people. But except some places like a library, how it affects other people in a rude way? I am not talking about disturbing people I’m talking about a real laugh and having fun without hesitating and caring about what people gonna say. Like we should be able to dance in public just to have fun without thinking what others will say. Life is short for everyone and we are getting older so we should be free in our actions.

I strongly believe that all of these thoughts are just prejudices which are definetely unnecessary. They are coming from history of humanity. In the past for example women were supposed to be calm, beautiful and charming so they needed to laugh kindly in public. But obviously today’s World it is just a prejudice from the past. We don’t have to apply them it is ridicilous.

There are a lot of things that I would like to do without this pressure on me. Firstly I would like to go anywhere as dressed up like I wanted. I don’t want to think that is fits on that place it is completely up to me.  It is disturbing and scary that people gonna judge me just because of the way that I dressed. It is just a piece of fabric! Another thing that I would likely to do without any judgements is talk about what I really have in my mind. Even if I am not free on my ideas then I am free on what?

Peer Pressure's Harmful Effect on Teenagers – Lamplighter Media Productions

There exist some people who has their only ability is to judge. Actually the reason behind that they are always judging is they are also have been judged. They never really had a real life with freedom. Since they are unhappy from the situation they also keep judging people and then this creates a chain.

To break this chain we should take a deep breath as first of all and consider our lifes in a serious way to think that are we really happy? Everyone will eventually will conclude that they are not a and they can’t be with all of these judgements. I accept that it is a hard thing to stop it around the World but we can start from changing ourselfs then people around us and goes on. Just like Bruce Lee said:  ‘’I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.’’


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