I guess everyone has heard about the drinkable water issues around the World.  These days like everyone knows earth has a big problem with drinkable water resources. And reasearchs shows that if humans do not take any precautions about that in the following years there will be a major water shortage all around the World. So most countries have started to take measures regarding this. In this case, one of the most logical things to do is to build new dams.



And when people’s basic needs are fulfilled, they start to focus on self-development, art, history. We all know that water is the biggest need for living things. So I don’t think the great archaeological artifacts will mean anything to people while they are struggling with drought. And addition to all of these reasons since dams do not potamic, they cannot stay forever. Archaeological remains can be found even after the dam has completed its life.


As a result, I believe that satisfying people’s needs are more important than other wants. And I believe that in such cases, the decision should be made by considering human life and future possibilities. Precautionary plans made with this logic can save many lives when the time comes.

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