Today I will talk about the newly opened cafe in our neighborhood. this cafe looks really nice and manages to appeal to most age groups with its nostalgic concept. Its big sign, which can be seen even from the beginning of the street, makes ethnic music distinguish itself from other cafes. the staff are very friendly and very good. Let me talk about it a little bit. When you enter, an intense incense smell welcomes you. Although I don’t normally like it very much, this scent relaxes people. the ethnic music playing in the background really adapts to the environment very well, suppressing the loud voices of the people. The lights inside the cafe are more in red and blue tones, which makes that environment completely immerse you. you feel happy in every way while chatting with your friends, reading a book or having a meal. the inside area of ​​the cafe is not very big, frankly it is a normal street cafe, but the feeling inside is better than anything else. other than that, it’s a little quieter place because there isn’t much space around it. Frankly, I really liked it. Let me talk a little bit about their food, their coffee is incredible, their aroma syrups that they use add a different taste. As for their food, I actually didn’t like their food, I think their desserts are better. they use their own products for desserts, too, they do most of the things themselves. The owner of the cafe was a very sweet couple who used to live in one of the coastal cities. This is one of the reasons why they do everything themselves, they learned to use plants in the most natural way while living there, I admire their mint flavored things. Apart from that, the crowd that comes to the cafe is a very decent and polite mass, they do not shout and talk to the waiters, they are very polite to the waiters, they do not act in the slightest, which creates a more friendly atmosphere. People spend their time there at least as much as their happy homes from that cafe. There is every opportunity. On some weekend nights, they turn it into a nightclub-style place, the tables are removed, bistros come instead, the music switches to ethnic techno and alcohol is served. Either way, it’s a place that I like very much, they do their job very well. There are many people who come to the cafe every day because there is a really family atmosphere in the cafe, everyone is happy and relaxed. The comfort inside is something that everyone is looking for in their life, and we can say that it is an escape place for people who are overwhelmed by the busy pace of life. I also enjoy going very much. When we go to friends after school, we relax a lot and the environment is very nice. they also have a fortune teller, most people come to that fortune teller, it was a great help in making the name of that fortune known. in fact, the concept of the place is on black, lights, smells, music, it almost breaks that black, it makes people gather energy.

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