It was really dark outside. is it snowing? Ugh… Why am i even asking! It’s literally the highest mountain in town, and it’s freezing outside. There’s nothing more common than snow here. But there’s something i don’t really understand, it’s ice cold, and almost 20 people called me today to buy this “three meter square” house with no radiator included. What was special with this “sacred” house? First of all, it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. Even “i” have to use a compass and a map to find my may out. The time of the day doesn’t even matter. Oh well, if you try to get somewhere when it’s dark outside tho… it’s pretty possible that you’ll be ending up at Machu Picchu or something. No but really, it’s something we could somehow confirm since i travelled the world by night-time rides with no absolute vision. You might be thinking, “there’s an invention! FLASHLIGHTS!!” Since the colour “black” absorbs all the light that’s literally around, it doesn’t really tend to work at some point. Anyways, i got one more call today. I’m actually really bored and tired of answering these useless phone calls since i won’t be selling my house. For the last time, i answered the call. It was from another country. Hmm, strange right? But how did the caller even find my house? It wasn’t even on any of the renting sites. I’m scared at this point. The guy on the phone kept begging me for selling the house. I didn’t even have a single thought on why he was so persistent on living in such a poor-looking house that was even breaking down. Of course i asked the reason for this, and all he said was “nesti”. I shut down the phobe, telling him that i would give a call back later on. What did “nesti” even really mean? is it a different language? Most probably.

6 hours after i had talked to the guy, in the middle of the night, my door knocked.  I got even more scare. I was shaking. The quirky door bell really woke me up from my nice nice dream of snow-white polar bears giving birth. I didn’t have any other choice than answering the door, so i did so. I couldn’t believe what i saw when i opened the door! Four grizzly bears standing right in front of my door, where the house is on top of a really high mountain! According to a Russian legend, when the word “nesti” is said out loud at 11 p.m , a bear will somehow find the person which the word was said to. Not only did i have over four grizzly bears, i even saw them in my dream!

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