Never does beach better than traveling

What is the important thing? It changes according to people but generally it is asked when we ought to choose something. For example 1 or 2 or neither.

I’m a that kind of person who would like to go and learn some new knowledge which I don’t know and it’s much more better than sitting home or going to beach. First of all I don’t like to do this and it seems ridiculous to me .Think like that you are thinking what you ought to do for your family while summer holiday and they generally go beach than they see that a lot of children are yelling some of them are crying and regardless I don’t swim in the sea in Turkey because I think they have been polluted and I really cannot swim in  that .

From other side I’m really wondering what happened in history until today especially French history and Italian one I’m interesting. Because whenever we look at their history I see once upon a time Italy was controlling so much land as you cannot imagine and they have controlled in a long time period. What about French? Also French people who made a revolution which was the cause of republic. Therefore France was the first country where people can vote. And I love their language because never do they speak any rude sound always does it sound more polite than any language that I’ve ever seen in my life.

Learning new places ,talking with foreign  people who can give informations about his or her country’s history. Those are always making me happy. As I told you I’m interesting with Italian history therefore I even try to learn their language for understanding what I read in their streets then day by day I used to learn that by myself. After that I wanted to go the course of Italian for asking my Italian language knowledge by taking an exam. Exam result has shown that I’ve achieved A2 level. I had shocked when this had been announced. Then they offered to go there and speak some native speakers. Well after this speech I have been to Italy in these days which I spent in Italy was wonderful because I was speaking English and Italian both.

I’ve learned some tips from this experiment;

The more countries you travel the better your life is and as far as I’m concerned people had better travel as much as they can. If they don’t then they will be global citizen when pigs fly…

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