Never Underestimate the Snowman

It was a snowy winter night. Kids were playing snowball and making a snowman. Everywhere was covered with  snow. It was like a bride wearing a wedding dress. It was really very cold. The cheeks of the kids were like a red apple because of the extreme cold . I was at my sweet,warm,humble home and watching the kids outside on my cossy sofa drinking a hot chocolate mocca with extra cream .

Then I decided to play with my friends outside. I wore my thick, green jumper; woolen trousers and socks. I tried to choose the thickest clothes to prevent me from cold. The outside was really very  cold. We began to play with my friends. It was really very fun. Our laughter was groaning everywhere. I put  my hot chocolate mocca mug on the snowman’s hand. One of his olived eye was on the ground and I took it and put in its place. I fixed his red scarf.

Suddenly I faced to face with the snowman. It was  like he was slyly looking. His eyes were made  up with olives but he was like he was blinking. He had a carrot mouth but he was like having a sharp reddish teeth. I was really very shocked. What was happening? Where were all my friends? Did everybody go home? It was only me and the snowman in the cold winter night outside. Abrubtly when I turned back the snowman was in front of me and he was looking at me with a bad smile on his face. Oh my God! He was chasing me and he was really running like a racer.  I was running very fast too. I was gasping for breath. I was really very tired.He was stubbornly chasing me. I didn’t know what to do. I hided behind the wall. He was looking for me. I was holding for my breath. The snowman seemed to be determined to find me. I needed a favour. I took out my cell phone but there was no signal.. I tried to shout as loud as I could but I had no voice. I was hopeless. I had to find a way out     of this situation. If I succeded to run towars the house, I would be able to lock the door.  I gathered all my strength and as I was about to walk away, a hand touched my shoulder . ‘Emir, Emir wake up. You fell asleep near the stove and you spilled your chocolate moccha on your clothes. Come on, go the bathroom and change your clothes’  Thanks to the God. It was a cold dream. The snowman was standing with his red scarf on the ground outside.

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