New Adventures

Imagine that you’re traveling all over Europe. You have a cup of tea in the Versailles Palace, then go see the Mona Lisa painting in the Louvre Museum. Later you get on a plane to go to Rome. You see all the historical places, have pizza and hang out in Vatican City. And then you go see the culture of many more countries like United Kingdom, Spain,Austria and much more. Now also imagine that you’re in Bora Bora, lying by the beach with an amazing view of the natural beauty the island has. You’re cooling off by drinking your lemonade and going for a swim. Which trip would you rather take?


I would rather go on a trip all around Europe. I’d go see the historical places, taste new foods, learn new languages and observe new cultures. I think that having a trip by the beachside is lovely but it doesn’t really suit me. I get bored lying by the beach all day that’s why exploring new places sounds more appealing and fun to me. A cultural holiday could be fun, you could travel all around the world but it could cost  more money than a beach holiday. Also  a beach holiday could be a nice getaway from the city life and could also be a good opportunity to spend time in nature and in peace. On the other hand, not staying in one place and exploring historical locations and learning their stories is much more interesting to me. Also a beach trip can get boring after a period of time since there is not many activities to do other than swimming. It could however be a nice opportunity for one to get their mind off their busy schedule and enjoying the peaceful environment. It depends on the persons interests and the things they enjoy.


To conclude, both beach holidays and cultural holidays have their pros and cons but i’d much rather going on a cultural holiday. My way of having fun is traveling to places i have not seen before and discovering that place. I could be in the Sistine Chapel one day and could be in Vienna the other day. You never know where you’ll end up in.

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