New Beginnings

It was a nice evening. He had waken up with the joy and excitement of finally seeing her after quite some time they had spent apart. He felt simply happy. Radiating positive energy to everyone around him, he smiled all through the day.

It was finally time. He got out of his car to greet her. She was wearing a long, dark green skirt that flew with the wind. Her messy, blond hair covered her face and the brightness of her skin was even more enchanting under the light of the dawning sun. She smiled back at him. And that smile, my friends, was more than enough to make his life bearable for a moment. He had forgotten all his worries with only one look of hers. When she leaned in for a hug, he instantly wrapped his arms around her, tightly. It was only for a short few short seconds that they hugged but for him, it felt like an eternity. He lived that hug. He closed his eyes and could not help but smile more broadly. Touching her skin and feeling her in his arms was all he’d dreamed about. And when he smelled her beautiful perfume, that’s when he almost shed a tear. It’d been years since they had seen each other yet he still remembered that familiar smell of hers. It all happened in a second before she backed away.

She spoke with such a soft, delicate voice which made him fall in love with her over and over again. Whenever she gazed away into the sky, he stared at her beauty. He knew that his love for her would forever be unrequited. He knew, he would never be able to hold her or confess his undying love for her… He felt so lost in his thoughts.

She talked about her own vibrant life and as she talked, he thought to himself, what am I doing with my own life? Was I able to enjoy life as much as she did? Why did life turn out to be like this for me? She has such fun memories, he thought. He longed to be that one person she was going to make new memories with. He felt the need to cry. In front of her, he seemed happy, and he was indeed, happy; however, there was this piece inside his heart that felt different. A part of him was aching, painfully. He found it hard to think straight because of his pounding heart and racing thoughts.

Finally, as the clock was showing almost ten, she got up, saying she needed to go. She had someone waiting for her. But him? Oh, no, he did not have anyone waiting for him at home. And after she left, it was just… Emptiness. He walked to his car. When he got in, he stopped for a moment to let the night sink in. He could not believe that he’d just spent hours with her. He did not used to believe in miracles until today. But what she had done to him in a few short hours seemed nothing less than a miracle to him. He reminisced her smell. He smiled, and then drove away. It all felt okay again.


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