New Dawn of World Peace

Atomic bomb has been one of the biggest threats since July 16, 1945. Albert Einstein proved that atom could be splitted for scientifistic reasons. It could be used for improvment of humanity but people wanted to use it for power, war, slaughter during the World War II.

First atomic bomb was produced in July 16, 1945 by Robert Oppenheimer. He was a nuclear physician and universty professor. Oppenheimer was the head of the Manhattan Project, responsible for he scientific part of the Project that started by United States of America (USA) , Canada, United Kingdom during WW II. When they tried the first atomic bomb in a desert in New Mexico USA, they found out that it has a destructive effect. So they threw the atomic bomb to firstly Hiroshima, then Nagasaki 3 days apart, because of the war. It destroyed the 70% of the Hiroshima and these 2 bomb totally  killed 220 thousand people.  The uranium-doped bomb was so powerful that it created 3,000 degrees Celsius at it’s center and it flattened everything in 1.5 kilometer diameter.

Then, could small versions of this super powerful nuclear weapon ensure the world peace? That is a bit ironic but I think that is possible. If nearly all countrys had small atomic bombs they make the cost of war seem frighteningly high and discourage states from starting any wars. Because all the countrys would know that if they even win the war, the lost would be extremely high so they wouldn’t risk it. Maybe this fear is the reason of there isn’t any big wars happened in last 75 years. So, small atomic bombs could be used to intimidate other states.

Lastly, I think small versions of atomic bombs could ensure the world peace. Under some circumstances, small nuclear weapons can stabilize and decrease the chance of crisis. Then states need to solve problems in politics.

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