One day, I woke up at 7 am to go to work, then while I was making coffee for myself, I checked my e-mails and I wanted to open a new page abroad for a long time. I even aimed this for myself, imagine a brand new country, a brand new life and a brand new page, don’t you think it sounds too exciting?

Actually, I thought about this for a long time. Because I was born here, I grew up here, my family and friends are everything here. Although starting a new life sounds good, could I do it? But I knew that living abroad would be much better for me and I decided to at least open a new page for myself abroad.

I needed to get three documents to go to live abroad and I was waiting for these three documents for a while. While I was checking my mail this morning, I received an email from the company where these three documents were sent, and it was said that I would have the three documents in a few days. I flew into the air, I did not know what to do, and I immediately started looking for a house.

I was going to live abroad with these documents. I was so excited and happy that I couldn’t describe it in words. Everything happened so fast that I was at the airport when I came to myself. Now I was very confident about turning a new leaf in a new country, but at the same time I was very stressed.

I was finally getting ready for my new job in my new home. I thought about it, I think I made the right decision for myself because my new place of residence was so enjoyable and beautiful that I had already made new friends for myself. Everything is going very well here now, everything is fine and I am very happy. I was stressed at some points, but it was worth it.

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