In addition to its unique beauty seen from Earth, the space still retains the mystery within it. Although it seems impossible to reach celestial bodies, asteroids, it is a topic that has been talked about a lot lately. But is it really possible to space mining or is it just science fiction?

Today, the world can be inadequate to people in many subjects and drag people into other searches. For example, places where fossil fuels are available, places where more natural and waste materials are not available, places with mine wealth… Such factors now exist in very small numbers on our Earth. Scientists’ thoughts are to find a new world. So, we literally need to search in space. But if we evaluate it in terms of mining, we can get a mine-rich world with a much easier work. Because there are plenty of mines even in asteroids that fall to the earth. Don’t you think it makes sense to collect celestial bodies from space and extract mines from them? Or maybe we can go to another planet and explore its surface. Both kinds of work can be done.

Although space mining is beneficial for our world, it can also create economic problems between some countries. For example, going into space is something that requires a lot of cost. Going into space and extracting mines can only be done with the investments of powerful states. A country that starts to mine in space reduces the purchase of mines from other countries and establishes a great superiority over all countries. The duration and money of such a large study is also very high. First, we must calculate how we are going to use the money. Without money, there can be no execution.

With space mining, we can also reach mines of a kind that have never been explored before. If we find new mines, maybe we can make our lives better. For example, we can bring new fuels to vehicles such as automobiles, improve glass and building designs, design different jewelry, and use new elements according to the structure of matter in scientific experiments.

I don’t think space mining is science fiction. I think it’s something that can be done if the right opportunities are available. Maybe we need to live on another planet in the future. Work should be started now to gain experience on this subject.

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