New Technologies

I woke up in the night because I was very thirsty. I go to the kitchen and take a glass of water. I just think about some technologies that would be in the future.  I take my lamp and go to my garden which has a wonderful view. It is Sunday and it is a holiday for me. I take a chair from my kitchen and put it in the garden. I sit on it and I look at the sky which was amazing. I can’t even count the stars there is a lot of them. I get up from my chair and sit on the grass which was actually very beautiful green but because of the dark, I can’t see it properly.  But something stuck in my mind where is the moon. I couldn’t see it because of that there are only stars that I can see. Then I took the chair to put it in the kitchen. When I was walking a light came into my garden from the neighbor’s garage.

It was coming from something that I have never sawed and the light is bright enough to hurt my eyes. My neighbor was a teen which is seventeen years old. I went to his garden and I knock on the garage door. He said, “Who are you?”. I told him that I was his neighbor. He opened the door and I saw that light source. It has a balloon shape and in it, there is something like a metal that glows. I ask him, “What is it, is it magic or something else?”. He laughed at me and he said that it was a new technology that makes light. I was very surprised about it. I talk him for a while because his father died that month. And about that technology, he says it is “Electric” which can turn into other things like light and heat.

He opened the light again and insert something that is looking like a black rope into the light source. It glows like a gas lamp but it is more powerful and you can turn it on/off while you are far away from it. And I think about the next things that will come to our lives with a curious feeling. I started to wait for the new technologies.

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