New Workplaces

Throughout the history, the workspace of human-beings have been changing since the technology and life standards are also changing. The working area in 20th century differs from the field in 21th century. While in a decade a huge difference between workspaces is possible, the change for the next few years is seen to be unpredictable, however, there are some predictions about a system to play a major role in this workspace called working home office.

The idea of home office is simple. It provides people to work from their cozy, comfortable home. People will not be forced to go to their works in the morning ,when waking up and going to work is totally grueling, and will not have to arrive their home at least at 6pm. It is an amazing opportunity for the ones who struggle with getting up early and wearing their formal clothes which are quiet uncomfortable. Moreover, the waste of time may decrease and people can works efficiently. Because if the work form home, they don’t have to wake up way earlier considering the traffic jam which is a common issue needs to be solved.In addition, the workplaces are not always the best place for focusing on and concentrating because of working with too many people. All those noises and meetings may affect anyone who is trying to work and it is not always easy to deal with selfish and rude colleagues. Also the needed equipments might not be provided completely. Plus, the opportunity to designin the workplace is also a benefit which makes somebody to feel free. And last but not least, the motivation and comfort that your own home provides, is a great way of having less stress and more efficient carrier rather than the noisy and stressful environment of the office and it’s hard to cope with these issues.

In spite of the fact that home offices helps people to be more comfortable and reduce stress which would happen while working in the office workplace, they are not the best option for the ones who struggles with lack of disciplinary. These people need a schedule and have everything planned and organized so it may be difficult for them to find the motivation to set to work as well as finishing their work in time may occur some problems. Moreover ,some occupations such as doctors, engineers (depends on the field they work on) and other jobs require face-to-face meeting and feature human relations and treatment are truly impossible to be included in home office field.

To sum up, the home office idea is basically for the sake of human beings and their comfort. Despite the fact that it is literally not possible to include all the occupations in that home office idea, it is a good way of increasing the efficiency and make people feel free and relaxed while working on something. So it has both pros and cons but should be considered as a beneficial idea in my opinion.

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