New Year

One more year is over. 2021 is very different year for me. Because I do lots of things and learn different things. Also I met a new friends but now we started a new year. I hope the next year will fun.

First of all, I hope this year passing with my friends. Because I love spend time with my friends. In 2022 I want to do lots of thing and try a different things. Maybe I will try Asia kitchen, maybe the other kitchen I will try but I know I want to try all of them.Secondly, I want to go England for taking my education. If I go to England, I see the new culture, new peoples, new friends, etc… Maybe I couldn’t go to England, I continue my education in Turkey.

I hope 2022 will better than 2021 and I hope I will meeting new friends. If I got to England, I thinking better than now. Because i never see again my negative things in my life.

pixelated progress bar year 2021 to 2022 loading vector illustration




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