New Year Brings New Hopes



What makes people happy? What makes people sad? What makes a community a peaceful community? We are trying to find these answers since the creation of modern civilization.  A new year is coming, all the people are aching with the fire of hope. It is all different, we all learned stuff from the experiences we went through in these 365 days. There is a new you, and you left your older you behind. I do not leave things behind, you can not open new space for them. Every ending is a begging likely to the option that every beginning has an ending.

Living at the exact moment, not thinking a lot, feeling the air and the oxygen in your lungs… That’s life.

The act of blinking and breathing is not optional until you think it. If you constantly remember that you breathe, the reflex will turn into a thinking job. If you think and feel you are happy your body will automatically make you happy.

The new year is coming and what do I expect? I expect what I do and achieve. What I aim for. Having a goal, a point that you can dream of must be my wish for this year. But it is important to stabilize life. Not having a life with ups and downs may be boring sometimes. But all the time being determined and staying positive will bring the boringness to the peak happiness.

I want happiness, I want the joy I said, but just for me. I want peace for our neighborhood, our city, our country our continent, and for our lovely world. Not for only humans; for plants, animals, insects, and all the earth creatures. We do not want war, we want the world to be a group, a peaceful community. The governments. Peaceful governance. Today’s superpowers do not welcome new countries with helpful behavior. They only look for ways to exploit developing countries by stealing their resources and imposing a duty on them to use them with full efficiency. I wish that the new year will be a year that will cleanse all the discrimination. The world needs new hopes. We are in a pandemic. I am tired of using masks. I hate wearing them and seeing them on people while talking. When I talk with people who wear masks, I could not understand if they are smiling or not, or their mimics in general.

All I want from the new year is youth.

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