We’re so close to 2022! Wow, that’s been a lot of time. For me,it feels like we’re still in 2020.I think New Year is the best time of the year! I have some expectations from 2022. First, I want a dog or a cat. To be more precise, I want a pet. Pets are your little mental supporters. They are the most angelic things in the world. Second, I want a peaceful and a healthy year. Of course, that’s the main wish I make for New Year every single time. I hope that 2022 will be our year. 2021 was not so bright to everyone, so I expect it to be a good year. Unless we can had a great time with our lovely family for New Year. I really want to be taller this year, I hope. I think that’s all from now on! This are my wishes for 2022! Have a great year!

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