New Year, New Start

Hello, my name is Arda and although I am a student in the preparatory class f, my twin is a student in the preparatory class d. Before moving on to 2022, let me tell you about these stars. Of course, due to corona, many of my movements were limited, but whatever. I expect a lot of things from 2021 and it’s halfway done. The first was snowing and it is raining today, the second was to get a good score in LGS, it did not go as I expected, but it was enough for me to get a scholarship at Beştepe. I wished for a new phone and it came true this summer. My friends, I wanted to have a good time, and it came true, I also wished for my family’s health and it came true, but I also wished for the corona to end, but unfortunately it did not happen. Now let’s move on to 2022. First of all, my wish since 2020 is for the Turkish lira to gain value and to get out of this difficult situation. But I think it is not easy, but we should open factories, get money and goods from recycling or garbage disposal. My second wish is that the corona process is over, but it doesn’t seem like it will come true because people do not believe in anti-vaccine or corona and go around without masks and produce new variants. Of course, I can’t blame them either because they got bored, but I have to say that I find it ridiculous that they don’t get vaccinated. My 3rd wish is the health of my family because my cousins, aunt, mother etc. got very sick but luckily it was minor ailments. And the last but very dear wish for me is to buy a new computer and keyboard. Because I have been using the same computer for exactly 5 years, but I hope that the moment I expect this year will come true and I will be able to buy a computer. Thank you for reading this article, I hope your wishes come true in a new year, a new year.

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