New Year Resolutions

As the foggy weather makes it nearly impossible to see the city view from my window, I am once again reminded that the year has come to an end, which usually does not mean more than these two things to me: horrible weather and holiday discounts. Of course I would love to celebrate the upcoming year like everybody else, how could baking gingerbread cookies and making new year resolutions not be fun? However, just like a grumpy old woman who loves to complain, the idea of a new beginning is quite ridiculous to me. The long lists of goals seem so ingenuine to me that I can’t help but wonder why anyone would take the time and effort to write down all the things they wish to change next year despite the fact that the maximum span of time they will stick to the resolutions is a month or two.

I’m aware that I sound grumpy (Maybe it’s something I need to work on next year, huh?) but I don’t think I’m the only one who’s aware of this cycle we’re in. We decide to change, wait until the beginning of the year for a fresh start, start making the change, completely blow it during the year and wait for a clean start again. If only it went different for once! The same pattern keeps repeating itself over and over again. Therefore, the occurrence that would fully surprise me next year is people actually sticking to their goals. It sounds boring and not interesting at all but think about it, how could we expect anything actually exciting from the people who lack the willpower and determination to obey the simple rules they create? If one truly wishes for change, the time and place shouldn’t matter. If you hate or love something enough, you can change it anytime you wish. Why wait for the upcoming year?

To sum it up, the thing I look forward to seeing is if the resolution lists are a hype as always or actual steps for change. Who knows, maybe they won’t disappoint this year.

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