That evening, my friend Asya and I decided to watch a documentary. My cousin had a huge box of old documentaries from her deceased grandfather. We started poking around the box. But we couldn’t find an interesting documentary. When the last box was empty, my hand touched a height on the right side of the cardboard box. Something seemed to be stuck between two cardboards on the right side of the box. I tore up the box and looked at the height. It was a CD case. It was written ‘Life of the Dead (An Ordinary Documentary)’ on it. My friend was surprised. Because, she said, she knew this great archive as its name, and she had never seen such a documentary before. It would be the first time for both of us to watch this strange documentary. I opened the box. Inside was a black CD with a black front. We sat in front of the TV. Asya opened the CD player and asked me to insert the CD. I was not sure about it because I was afraid of being afraid. Being afraid of being afraid is a very strange feeling. It’s hard to even explain. At that moment, Asya grabbed the CD from my hand and inserted it into the device.
‘You’re not afraid of this stupid thing, are you?’
She was brave. But I know very well that too much courage is not good. The documentary has begun. When we looked at the duration, we were surprised. It was a short 3-minute documentary. Maybe the rest of it was broken. We would have to wait to find out. Asya pressed the play button on the remote and the documentary started. It was a scary documentary, as I expected. Asya just stared at the screen. Graves and corpses appeared on the screen in the form of photographs. My heart would explode. Even the courage of Asia was not enough. At 30 seconds, Asya took the remote to turn it off, when a voice began to speak.
‘The dead are not as dead as you think. When they die, they continue to exist in other dimensions of life. A dead man can talk to you if he wants.’ It was really ridiculous. Asya could not stand this nonsense and closed the documentary.
‘It was a disgusting documentary. I’m going to the bathroom,’ she said. When Asya went to the bathroom, I was alone in the room. My eyes fell on the clock. It was 8.20 am. Minutes passed, but Asya did not return from the sink. Curious, I followed behind. When I entered the bathroom, Asya was lying on the floor. There was no wound or blood. I was shocked. I touched Asia with fear. It was as cold as ice. I checked his pulse. It wasn’t throwing. I was so scared. I called the ambulance and asked for help. They took Asya to the ambulance and put me with her. A short time later, I was crying over my deceased friend Asya, who was wearing a white sheet at the hospital. Meanwhile, the specialist who examined the body came to me and started talking.
‘When did you find this body? This person has been dead for at least 3 days.’
That’s when that disgusting voice echoed in my brain:
‘A dead… if he wants… he can talk to you…’

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