I was unconscious that I couldn’t remember how I can get to the grave. I was feeling so bad and I was dizzy that I couldn’t be able to walk in a straight line. The grave is so spooky that every tomb has a candle near to it. Weather was foggy that reduced my vision, although the candles lit the night up. I was lying near to the tomb with the most roses left on it. There was a spanish song that makes you relax and want to sleep as soon as possible. Then a dark curtain was pulled in front of my eyes and I started to sleep.

When I wake up I was in a beatiful garden which has lots of different kinds of flowers and trees. I was hoping that I could find someone who can explain me what is happening right now. I wandered between the trees and flowers for a long time but I couldn’t find anybody or anything. There was just flowers and trees nothing else I found. I was walking than I heard that there was a nice British music playing. I seemed to know this music. I tried to find where is the place that this music is playing. I searched everywhere but I couldn’t find anything. I was moving without a break therefore I lost my breath and I was down for the count.

Again I wake up and there was nothing! I was standing in the nothingness. There were no sun, no flowers, no trees, no candles nothing! It turns out that my mind was playing tricks on me. I couldn’t have moved my leg or my arms. I can’t control myself! Then I tried to scream to the void. My sound echoed and I was going crazy that something happening, but I couldn’t understand. I stopped trying to do something, all I just want is to sleep in peace.

Then I wake up in my room. My mom was calling my name because I was late to the school. I understand that all the things that happened was a horrifying nightmare.

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