Nikola Tesla or Thomas Alva Edison?

When we were little we were taught that Thomas Edison invented the light .Edison is the inventor of technologies that we use today and do not think much about, such as the phonograph, light bulb, cement making technology, camera, direct current electric motor, electrical power generation systems, and batteries. Tesla, on the other hand, is a genius who invented the radio, fluorescent light, alternating current motor, as well as various electrical power generation systems.The reason for their apparent opposition is that one uses alternating current and the other direct current as electrical power.And why we compare them and why are they competing.Tesla is a big fan of Edison. It supports Edison’s dream of lighting homes. He comes to America from Europe to work with him. There were two different trends in the market at that time. Direct current and alternating current. Arc lamp working with alternating current was found and the streets were illuminated in this way. But very dangerous. It works with high voltage. It is not used in homes for this. Edison also finds the light bulb to be used in homes. But this bulb works with direct current. So this is what is called the war of currents. Houses are illuminated with direct current and streets are illuminated with alternating current. Edison’s company runs the direct current and Westinghouse runs the alternating current. Tesla starts working with Edison during this period. Edison gives Tesla very difficult tasks. He overcomes them all. Then one day Edison tells his men that they have a big problem ahead of them and will give 50 thousand dollars to anyone who solves it. It is said that the company does not have that much money in its safe. Tesla solves it, but Edison does not give the money, saying that I made a joke. This is the breaking point between them. Tesla is also leaving Edison’s side. Of course, in this process, Tesla believes more in alternating current. He switches to the Westinghouse company, which uses alternating current. At that time, there was technology to reduce the voltage of alternating current in Europe, and it paved the way for the use of alternating current in homes. This technology gives Westinghouse an advantage over Edison’s company, but household electrical appliances can still run on DC motors. Tesla solves this problem by finding the motor that works with alternating current, and Westinghouse, namely alternating current, provides a significant advantage in competition with direct current. The second breaking point in the struggle is about the power plant to be built in Niagara Falls. Here, too, Tesla’s power plant is preferred, not Edison’s. Alternating current is cheaper, it becomes preferable because it can travel long distances.Edison puts a dirty plan into practice by falling behind in competition with the spread of alternative current. He makes animals do shows with alternating current. Of course animals die. It also provides news coverage of these shows. It’s not enough, he finds the electric chair and makes it available in the last show. It thoroughly instills the idea that alternating current will kill people. But despite this, the market prefers alternating current. In fact, when Edison’s patron, JP Morgan, tells him that he needs to switch to alternative current, Edison resists and is fired from his company. Thus, in the war of currents, alternating current wins.

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