NO 2130

I’m in a black machine. It just says, “No 2130”. I just remember getting into a machine and my parents crying after me. Curiosity is eating me up. I feel the machine making a jolting descent. After getting out of it, I realize that this is a time machine! I’m empty so I feel like it. There are a few other people around me. I’m wearing an astronaut outfit but without a helmet. Someone told me to go with them. I’m leaving because I don’t know what’s going on. It takes me to a robot. I can’t make sense of anything. I am scared. I go inside the robot. I take off my clothes and put on a test suit. I don’t remember anything about my name. The robot suddenly begins to speak. While I’m thinking about something, the robot answers the questions in my head one by one. While answering those questions, zombie-like people suddenly come to me and say, “Date of death: 2090. The year is 2130.” Then, just as they are about to flee, everyone starts speaking a different language. My eyes are slowly closing. When I open my eyes, I’m wearing a suit. Oh my God, now they gave me a computer. I turned on the computer. A few codes appear instantly. Someone comes and says, “If you don’t do these things, bad things will happen.” I don’t do it stubbornly. I love it, what time is it in this world? Anyway, I woke up and I’m in an operating room. And everybody laughs at me saying “bye-bye”, then again that voice is “No 2130”.

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