No Art No Gain

In our country, there is something wrong with the education system. In terms of both academic and art. Starting from kindergarten our education system is trying to improve kids academically. The system is trying to lay a base on children’s minds to make further education easy for each kid.

I do not agree with the system because when we look at the studies on this topic we can see that the most creative period for a kid is between 2 and 6 years old. When the system does not include enough lessons to improve and focus on creativity but only include academic lessons it prevents children’s imagination talent to develop. And also when children try to learn academic lessons with overdose at an early age, they do not like to learn in their further education life. Since they are incapacitated from art and imagination talent they will try to think everything concrete and again academically deprived of creativity.

According to researches, art lessons are also increasing children’s academic success since it develops our brains on both left and right side. It is not only developed biologically besides, but it also develops their thinking and problem-solving skills.

Well, since we understand the importance of art in education it is time to upraise the place of art not only in school but also in our daily life out of school.

First of all, in school, we can add more art lessons to the curriculum. Also, there should be events in school for example some exhibitions or choir events and maybe some competitions to create passion and encouragement.

Sport can also support art as the sport is important as well as art. Some organizations can make it by combining art and sport. Even academic events can combine with art and sports since they are all supplements of each other.

Opinion: The importance of the arts in schools | HS InsiderExcept for school in our daily life, we can also spend more time with art. From a little age, parents should go to some events with their children. This event can be theatres, museums, cinemas, musicals, opera, and art galleries. They can also make drawing and painting kind of stuff with their kids to support them.

 To develop as a country, the government should support art events a lot more. The government can also organize some street events to show that art is more important than we think right now.

In brief, art should take a very significant part in our life. And not only for kids but also for adults there is no limit to be interested in art, sport, and any other lessons.

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