No for Pressures

As everyone knows, people are very active on social media now. From time to time they share their entire life on these social media and some people do it as a business. Of course, in these times, they do not always reflect on the media as they appear, and because of this situation, people are under a different psychological pressure. One of these psychological pressures is related to the perception of beauty.

First, many social media users shop for their photos and videos and try to make themselves look better. In such situations, people think like this; “This girl/boy is very beautiful, why am I not like this. Everyone likes this girl/boy, why should they like me.”. When this is the case, people are afraid of being disliked and they cut back on many things in their lives. For example, a young girl sees a very thin girl on social media and wants to be that way and makes it an obsession. In this case, she resorts to various unhealthy ways just to lose weight and look like him. Do you think this girl is doing this because she’s ugly or overweight? Of course not. She’s doing this because she thinks she’s like that in reality and no one will like her as long as there are girls like her. Then he puts psychological pressure on himself and everyone starts to do the same because of the herd psychology. In this case, everyone gets the same perception and I think the most important thing is forgotten: “Inner Beauty”.

In the past, inner beauty was in the foreground, but now outer beauty is in the foreground. Me, “I don’t care about looks.” I don’t believe in those who say, but sometimes appearance just isn’t enough. I think inner beauty is just as important as outer beauty. Let’s say you liked someone very much at first sight, but the moment you spoke, you realized what a bad, selfish person they are. Wouldn’t you have cooled off from that person at that moment? Frankly, I’d get cold and walk away. Because no matter how much you like a person, as long as your minds, souls and thoughts do not fit, they will not belong to that person. Or don’t try to change yourself for a person. Because if he is going to love you, he will look not only at your outward appearance but also inside you. If he doesn’t want you because you’re overweight, this person will never be. Because he doesn’t want to deal with you tomorrow or someday when you get sick or something happens.

In short, outer beauty is important, but don’t forget your inner beauty. Also, stay away from stereotypes that will wear you down.And instead of judging each other on this issue, everyone should support each other.

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