No Matter What Anyone Says

We are all human. We all have our wishes and desires. And naturally, we make certain initiatives to achieve them. But we can not always do these things. Because deep down, there is a fear inside of us. “What will the others say?

We are all born with the instinct of belonging or feeling belonging somewhere inside of us. We want to be accepted from “others” because we all want to feel belonging to a place and adopt it and see it as a home. But there are also times when it is the other way around.

Sometimes we don’t get a very nice feedback from “others” about the things we’ve done or stepped up for the things we want to do. In fact, this kind of thing is partly true of all of us.We would like to do something, but “What do others say ?” we constantly push ourselves back with the thought.

In general, there are certain patterns that are imposed on all of us, and when we get out of these patterns, we feel anxious. Let’s think about it from the simplest: let’s say you wore an outfit. One of your favorite pieces in your wardrobe. But the people we called “others” judged the outfit you were wearing, and this was in the negative direction. After a while, such a thought begins to take place in the person’s subconscious. ” What will the others say?” Let’s give another example. For example, you have a goal that you want to achieve, a goal that you set yourself. And this, according to the “others”, is extremely unreasonable, extremely ridiculous and a waste of time. On top of this, you are constantly subjected to criticism ( negative). Because of this, you are starting to feel shy now, and the question begins to spin in your head, “What do others say?”

In short, we encounter such situations in many parts of our lives. Do not try to comply with the wishes, thoughts or patterns of “others”, even if it is difficult. You are you, they are they. We all have separate lives, separate lifestyles. Let’s leave these things in mind “What do others say?” let the pattern be dated.


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