No need to be the best

Being the best means that your life is completely about that topic that you are best at. That’s why you are the best at that. You spend all your time on that when you make extra time for that. We all know that in the school the best student is the nerd. It is uncommon that the best student is the best at sports or other things. They are the best in school because they are not the best in anything else. A person can not be completely perfect. Someone can’t be the best athlete and the most intelligent person in the world. Or someone who is great at chess than everybody else can’t be the most known basketball player. Everybody is good at something or makes effort to be good at something and only on that thing.
For me, I don’t want to be the best in school if I am not going to have time for other hobbies to do. I agree with the idea of “You don’t have to be top of the class, it’s fine to have average grades as long as your grades aren’t too bad. Only then can he have enough free time to learn other skills.” A person who is trying to be the best at his or her job, do not have time to go to a restaurant with their friends or deal with other things such as hobbies. And they are unhappy, they don’t have any adventure in their lives. When I grow up I do not wanna be a person like that. Of course, I want to be good at my job but it is okay to not be the best. Instead of that, I can go out to have fun or start a new hobby such as sailing, drawing or playing an instrument. A person who is always working or always studying is most likely to be an antisocial person. Why would someone want to live a life like that? To be honest, I don’t, it is not my understanding of having a quality life. But some people could, everyone thinks differently and maybe they just want to be the best student in the school and don’t want any other extra time for any other extra activities.
Everyone’s lifestyle is different from each other. And their job choices are different too. Some want to be an engineer, some want to be a musician maybe some wants to do nothing. That’s why their lifestyles and what to do to spend time is different from each other.

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