No Scars To Your Beautiful

Whatever age is today’s new diamond is the internet.People unconsciously spend a large part of their day on the Internet, such as listening to music, looking at something, or using different platforms. Different effects of the internet can be seen for each human age group unfortunately, the impact of the internet on teens is much greater.The effects of the internet on young people are more devastating because of the hormones they secrete and the situations they are in. Young people do not like themselves at this age because of the reasons such as acne, weight gain, swelling that appear on their bodies of young people.However, the perception of beauty based on the influence of the internet on young people, small nose, full lips, sharp jaw lines, acne-free face and thinness, and why young people see these in people of their own age, why not me? leads to questions such as.but we need to understand that not every person we see on the internet is that great.”Social media is a lie” most of the time yes, often used filters, photoshops or make-up tricks show that no one is much different from anyone else so people should understand that some physical features can occur at this age and it should be a perfectly normal thing. Because we start to dislike ourselves because of the perceptions of beauty that social media creates on us, and we become slaves of social media and put ourselves in this state. Do you have a bony nose? ok, do you have thin lips? ok, are you fat? ok, are you dark-skinned? ok. it’s just okay because these things can happen. If everyone tries to fit their perception of beauty, if they move in this direction, everyone is similar to each other, you must be special to yourself so you youngsters don’t stereotype yourself and you should know you’re beautiful just the way you are and you don’t have to change something the world can change your heart.

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