No Teacher No Education

Just dream that you are a student but not going to school and attend to the lessons. No teachers, no classmates, no rules and no school principles, which means there is no school. Would you become happier or do you just want to assume that you will be? Actually, everything does not happen as you assume.

Firstly, self studies will replace the teachers’ roles. Therefore, you will be in need of more books, more papers, more tests, more memberships for online courses so directly more money. Moreover, it is a clear fact that none of the students will study as properly as they do with a teacher or a tutor. Because the discipline that teacher provides is certainly more efficient than the self-discipline of a child or a teenager.

Secondly, asking and questioning are crucial for students. Without teachers asking questions, students will not be able to keep up with the topics. Also having internet in the house will not help at all, since it is an information dump and cannot give the correct replies sometimes. In addition to these, students will have huge problems due to lack of some special skills, such as socializing and group work. Being in contact with more people leads everyone to be more intellectual, creative and make them problem solvers. So gaining the property of being an analytical thinker will be easier. Not only analytical, but also critical thinking skills of the students will be improved.

As known, there are billions of students in the world. So the opportunities of these students are fully different, which is really natural. Some of them have a chance to access thousands of sources while others do not even have a book. Or the relatives of some students are seriously supporting their daughters and sons but some of them do not care at all. In consequence of this separation, teacher-less education is not a logical idea to carry out.

In conclusion, the terms “learning” and “education” are pretty different from each other. Self-learning is possible for all young generations but self-education is nearly impossible for them. So impracticality of education without teachers will make the world completely trust on this current system and will not chance for many more decades. NO TEACHER, NO EDUCATION!

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