No Way Home

   The open road stretched ahead of them. There was only one way they could go…

   Nine hikers in the Ural Mountains couldn’t return home. The group of Ural Stone Technical University graduates decided to pass Ural Mountains, the aim of the expedition was to reach Otoren.

   The next day they arrived by train and started to prepare for their trip. During this day they collected some food and drink, packed a tent. However, because the lack of technology they couldn’t find to map. Finally, a route book was provided by local people. Students were surprised by hearing: “Don’t go there.”. No matter what they heard, seven young men and two young woman continued preparation to go Ural Mountain. 

   At that night one of the student saw a nightmare about the trip and changed his mind. In the morning, he told it to the leader of the group and warm him not to go. Leader decided to go on with others so their road separated.

   The weather was freezing, about -30 celsius degree. With boots wedged in the snow, a shiver took over their bodies. This was a place o peacefulness never before they had been so closed with nature. To the left and right only the crystal white snow was visible. They had experienced the sport of skiing and the atmosphere around them.

   At their first night, they decided to take a rest in the “Mansi’s” home. The Mansi’s were mountain locals who had a religion based on nature. At first, they denied students, because of the belief they will bring death. As the weather was so cold, they had to accept them.

   From day to day, by following the map they were getting closer to the point. They were playing snowballs, hiking, taking photos and one girl writing a diary during days. At nights, they were putting the tent, cooking and playing a guitar. So everything seemed fine that no one  could expect that nightmare become true.

   On the following day, the group arrived at the edge of a highland area and began to prepare for climbing. In a wooded valley, they cached surplus food and equipment that would be used for the trip back.

   The hikers started to move through the pass. It seems they planned to get over the pass and make camp for the next night on the opposite side, but because of weather conditions -snow storms and decreasing visibility- they lost their direction. The open road stretched ahead of them. There was only one way they could go. Finally, they put their tent to wait till the weather get calmer. However, they couldn’t see the next morning…

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