Nobel or Guinness?

Today, many people enter the Guinness Book of Records, new records are broken every day, certain people are awarded the Nobel Prize almost every year. Which of these two do you think would qualify as success? For me, success is a relative concept that can change from person to person. I think that success should not be put into such stereotypes. For me, success is to work through the obstacles ahead, work hard and reach our goal, namely the summit.

But I don’t think it’s fair to compare a man who broke a record in the Guinness Book of Records with a person who won a Nobel prize. When we look at the Guinness Book of Records, we can see that in addition to the success in breaking records, we can also see the records that people broke without working, thanks to genetics or differences. However, the Nobel Prize is awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, the Swedish Academy, the Karolinska Institute and the Norwegian Nobel Committee to individuals or organizations for outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, literature, peace and Physiology or Medicine.

People’s perception of records keeps changing. Everyone is nominated for absurd categories, unnecessary activities to satisfy themselves or for fun. How meaningful is it for them to make the biggest hamburger in the world, to have the longest nails, to be able to breathe underwater for the longest time, to eat the most hamburgers in a given time(!) These people who waste their time are unnecessarily proud of themselves. However, these people do not gain anything for humanity by breaking these records. I think if we say success to making the world’s largest postal cake or eating the fastest hamburger, we will be unfair other people’s rights. The Nobel Prize is awarded to those who have served humanity. Winning this award means leaving a mark on this world. That’s what success is. It is not just the actions of people who think that they are making themselves happy and that they have achieved something, but that actually cost them a lot and the result is ridiculously meaningless in the face of all these efforts. Of course, there are too many records in the Guinness Book of Records to raise awareness and do good. But I’m sure that striving towards winning a Nobel prize will bring a greater benefit to humanity than striving to break the Guinness Record. In short, the concept of success is a concept that will be defined differently to whomever we ask. But it is obvious that before achieving success, it is necessary to believe in the first place, to set a goal and to work resolutely to reach that goal.


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