About Noise Pollution

  In my writing today, I am going to talk about noise pollution. What are noise pollution’s effects? How can we avoid it etc.

 What is Noise Pollution?

  Noise pollution is something that people created. For example; in bazaars people shout a lot or in markets people talk, and music plays loudly at the same time. So that is noise pollution. In restaurants people laugh and talk too much when the music plays loudly again, and this creates noise pollution, too. Especially in the traffic. There are a lot of cars that make engine and beeping sounds.

How Does Noise Pollution Effect Us?

 Noise pollution effects people, animals and nature in a bad way. Noise pollution causes people to feel stressed, and feeling stressed can cause some types of sicknesses in our body. Also, it causes corals to die. It scares the fish and makes them stressed. So they lose their minerals, turn white, and die.

How should we avoid it? (My ideas for avoiding it.)

  We can stop shouting in bazaars. We can see how much the foods cost without people shouting out the prizes. They can talk more silently. We can stop beeping in traffic for no reason and we can decrease the sound of ad signs. We can put posters and signs that will teach people about sound pollution, too.


We can try to avoid sound pollution. It has a lot of bad effects to the world. It kills the nature and it causes people to feel bad.

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