Non-Suitable System

Education is undisputedly one of the most important thing for humans. By education both countries and humans can develop. By the education humans can find their interests and improve their skills. Humans can have a better understanding and can have a more creative minds. Although there are tons of new places for education for every age gap, we can not see most of the benefits in the sociaty. Even though bad education system is not the only resposible for that, it has the biggest role in it. But how can we improve the system for a better sociaty?

In Turkey the education system is not developed enough. Most of the systems world wide is not suiteable for every student. Some students may find their place in these type of systems but it doesen not mean everyone can. Generally the education developed around to create one type of person. Which resulted in the atrophy of people’s creativity.

Creativity is a must to thrive. No one can be creative in everything, but it is possible to find what we are creative in by great education. Trying to be good at every thing may be hard for students. The competitive side of this can create a lot of strees among the students. All of those will mostly kill the creativty inse us and made it harder to find what we are good at.

To create a better and healtier system, rather than giving everyone a standart education we can give some test to students over 14 a oportunaty giving them a test or letting them try to find their interest. Not givving students any type of competitive exams until they reach high school to not set a pressure on them can be a example too. Exams for choosing universities, the grading per question can be change by the students choice for career.

To sum up, most of the system is based on creating new generations that can hardwork. Generally peoples live their lifes whitout even knowing what they are actually good for. We live standart lives just like everyone whitout having an idea how the life could be if we were actually educated to be ourselfs. As the Ahmet Ümit once said ‘We need creative minds, not hardworking slaves.’, we actually need more people with creative minds to improve. If we continue to kil the creativities of peoples, we will left whit no one to create.

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