None Of Your Business

Throughout their lives, people encounter many situations that they can’t do, try and fail. Undoubtedly, one of the reasons for encountering this situation is social pressure. In the country we live in, the question: what are others saying?  and people’s incessant comments about the lives of others are also the most obvious examples of social pressure

Most of the time, we hear from our family and people around us that we should not care about what people say and think in such situations. Sometimes we get the opposite. Every step we take, every word we say, we get a reaction like “What will people think of us if you talk like that? What do they say?” from same people. And this situation takes us one step away from what we want to do and decrease our motivation.  This is exactly why we must remember that nobody’s life is anybody’s business, that people’s behavior and personality are their own, and that everyone should respect each other for the peace of people in society.

Change starts with the person himself. In order to break this social prejudice, all people should actually turn and look at themselves first. In the century we live in, the fact that people have such a high level of pressure on people is already a sign of a problem, and it is in our hands to fix this problem. Owning a world where everyone can live with their own free will and decisions is actually not as difficult as it seems.

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