Not Enough Space

Welfare level is peace, comfort and comfort level in a group country or a population have . Today’s world we have so many important issues such as climate change, pollution and water shortages. These are really important and damaging issues and we need to try to solve them but some of issues we have nowadays is more general and important.  Overpopulation is general problems we have todays, because overpopulation is main reason of some problems we have, like food shortages. Because of growing population, our limited sources are not enough to entire world. Okay we all know that growing population is affect our lives bad way but did you ever think about How overpopulation effect welfare level in a country?


Overpopulation is definitely decrease the welfare level in a country. One of them is economic problems. With overpopulation unemployment is get higher in a country. Because of unemployment people start to give less tax to government but for growing population government need to work and do more things to country like if population grows school, hospital and some social areas etc. needed will increase so government need to spend more money for this kind of things. and after all this will affect the peoples who live in that country bad way because they cannot reach all the necessary service that government give so this will decrease welfare level in that country.


In a country only particular amount of people live. We can explain it like that: the amount of bird in cage is limited to amount of food and area in cage.  If there is more than this amount there will be fight in between them of birds.  It is same in country if the amount of food and area is not enough to population there will be fight and it will be have so many negative effects. We can give example like if countries area is not enough to population, traffic will increase.  Not only traffic of course we can say that with growing population unplanned urbanization will increase. And of course, every of them effect welfare level.  Because of traffic so many people get stress it will decrease welfare level.  Because of unplanned urbanization some government services are going to have some problems and so many people effect of that, it will also decrease welfare level.


Overpopulation have really bad effect to country, to welfare level.  Without welfare a country cannot be improve.  First they need to solve the problems that decrease of welfare level . economy, food- water  shortage and area of a country; they are basics problems that I covered but of course there is more.  We need to solve these problems immodestly; for our country welfare level, for world health

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