Not Getting Tired Your Whole Life, or Not Forgetting Anything?

Now I’m not sure what side to be on, because both of them have their good sides and bad sides, so I’m going to talk about both of them.

Not getting tired could be really useful, like being able to work without getting tired would be awesome, but we would have trouble sleeping because you still have energy and that will feel like curse. You will always be hyper active and that would be really annoying to some people.

Not forgetting anything feels more terrible than not getting tired. Yes, you wouldn’t forget anything or cause terrible scenes to get better, but think that you saw something scary on the web or anywhere. You wouldn’t forget it and it wouldn’t leave you alone. I’d regret this choise a lot more because I get teriffied easily and I already have traumas.

Actually, I wouldn’t recommend having neather of these powers. I would recommend you to be a normal humanbeing like anyone else. If the human body doesn’t have these powers, there must be a reason why we don’t have the power.

These are my opinions and I would like to know yours, too!!!

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