Not Normal Anymore

Kylie was a normal girl whose father was a police officer who lost her mother at a young age. Kylie has been a motherless child since she was 5 years old that’s why she is so fond of her father but her dad can’t take care of Kylie because of his workload. Especially these days because a few dead people with different dna have been found across the country. It is much more intense because his father is also in charge of this DNA research.

One day, when Kylie came back from school, she called her father but his father did not open it again. Kylie got used to it so she didn’t mind it much. She went to her room, did her homework and took a shower. Just as she was getting ready for bed she saw her father come home. She asked his father why he didn’t pick up the call but got the same answer again. Her father was always making excuses for this new research. Her father realized that Kylie was upset and offered to come to work with him tomorrow. Of course, Kylie didn’t turn down this offer, she accepted it. Kylie was so happy to be leaving with her dad tomorrow so she went to bed early.

They got up in the morning and went to work after having a nice breakfast. When they arrived at work, his father had to go again to search for new DNA. Kylie wanted to come with her dad and her dad agreed. When they got to where they were going to investigate, Kylie wanted to take a look around. When she looked at her father, she saw that he was working hard so she wouldn’t get caught by his father. There were strange sticky things around. Kylie thought they were what her father was investigating so she bent down to take a closer look. As Kylie got closer, she lost her balance and fell into the sticky liquid. She was sticky all over, her father would be very angry with her. She immediately went to his father. When her father saw her like that, he was very worried and immediately took her home and had a shower. Kylie fell asleep right after taking a shower but she was itchy all over. When she woke up in the morning, she still had itching, but she didn’t care and went to the bathroom to wash her face. She looked in the mirror and saw purple spots all over her and screamed.

Kylie immediately went to her father, but her father was nowhere to be found. She called her father, there was no signal. She looked out the window and there was no one outside. She didn’t know what to do and immediately took a cardigan and went out. As she wandered around to see what was out there, she realized she couldn’t feel her right arm. After rolling up her cardigan, she saw that her arm was full purple. When she looked at her body, she saw the purple spots growing and she couldn’t feel the purple spots.

She didn’t know what to do. She was alone in town and had strange spots on her body. It just popped up. Kylie couldn’t wake up the next morning because the strange liquid had poisoned her body and transported her to another universe.

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