Imagine that you’re in technologycal school, everything is on computer. You have a robot teacher, you have robot friends. That would be so bad. I don’t think techolongycal  schools could be successful. And I don’t think anyone would go to a school like this, at least I don’t want.




Why am I thinking that technologycal schools can’t be successful? I know that in recent years everything has been on the computer. During the quarantine period, we saw that there is can’t be  education from the computer. I know they’re diffrent thing but still I think that it can’t be education in technology. It can’t be efficient like everything is computer. You have robot friend, you have robot teachers… It is so bad.



So finally I think it would be better for students not to have technological schools. It’s not efficient. And I think there is not have any benefits. I think face to face and just smartboards is the best. Not robots.

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