Not So Marvelous

Disney has been on a roll with the amazing marvel movies. Breaking records and winning award one after another. With the most recent and the shocking movie “Infinity War” we were blown away from our seats. Characters introduced in the span of 10 years, each with unique superpowers were brought together to fight the great last boss, Thanos. Yet they have failed unexpectedly, considering Disney usually makes kid friendly movies. Seeing some of our favorite characters turn to dust was just devastating. Ending at the climax, we were just as dead as the heroes were when the movie ended. Topping this would definitely would be hard however I had hope until Captain Marvel was said to save the fate of the world.

There are two schools of thought on Captain Marvel. You either love it or cant stand it. I will be listing the reasons why Captain Marvel was a bad idea.

First of all, we have to talk about the bad choice of actress. Disappointed am I in Disney, giving such a crucial heroine especially in these circumstances to Brie Larson! First you raise the expectation with Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch and Chris Pratt then just wreck the standards with Brie Larson?

You see even though comics of marvel is nowhere close to dc’s, adaptations shall be taken into serious consideration especially when it was written by Stan Lee (R.I.P.). The character introduced in the comic is nowhere close to the movie.

Now let’s talk about the real issue. Captain marvel was introduced after the infinity war took place. Many character who have failed to save the universe can now battle their last war and most probably win with the half of the heroes and captain marvel. Do you see the problem? A mission a bunch failed is succeeded by a few plus Captain Marvel! This means all the dead characters were actually useless/powerless which means our investment in those heroes is trash. Or Captain Marvel is overpowered, which puts her in a pedestal.

In conclusion, captain marvel is doomed to be bad. No matter what you think or the critiques think, it is bad.

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