Once upon a time there was a young girl and this young girl had a dream.  She also went to London and was accepted to the Cambridge university. She started to save money for her dream. The next day, she went to school and asked the Cambridge university how many pounds she asked her teacher. Teacher will said it  is29,927dollar.She was shocked when she was thinking how ı would save up the Money and the teacher felt sorry for her but after three months in Cambridge got the scholarship exam maybe you can go if you get a scholarship said teacher. And she came home said to her mother and father ı want to go to university of Cambridge.Her mother was upsad. And say but we miss you but girl said ı need to inprove my education better and she went to the room and she looked how many pounds in his piggy bank she have 10.000 Dollar becouse her father salary in dollars. Three months later they have scholarship and the girl recieved a one hundred percent scholarship and she said her mother and father in one moments adness was gone and they decided to send to Cambridge university. One week later the girl went to London and graduated from Cambridge university and four years later she came next to her family with medals and trophies and sayed not to lose something every time.

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