Nowadays, the Earth is suffering due to a lot of issues around the globe. The basic instance is, Covid-19. The conflicts, poverty, climate change,politics, and also more.However, now we are supposed to go through the climate change. Climate change has been a significant issue lately.Alas, it has also caused various consequences. We best to say cons. However, what causes the climate change?

Of course the “Global Warming” comes first. But there are some factors cause that term. If I need to order a couple of them: Overpopulation,usage of fossil fuels would come first. The emission due to the fossil fuels start to go up and damages. Eventually, the increase in greenhouse gases cause the global warming, that causes the climate change. So as the people, we are supposed to do something in order to prevent it to happen.

I assume, we all heard the cars. Now the companies sort of Volvo, Tesla are working on those electric car projects. Their goal is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable,renewable energy. If you prefer not to use electric cars because of your car preference, you may prefer hybrid cars. These are the cars that use the electric as well as the ordinary motor. Moreover, what makes it useful is the emmision by hybrids,differ to the ordinary cars well.

We may, instead of using non-renewable sources sort of natural gas etc. at our homes,we best to use solar panels that directly convert the sunlight to electrical energy.

We all hear harrowing news regarding the drought followed by the lack of water. So the think we have to apply is saving water. We shouldn’t use that for non-sense in order to have an illuminated future.

We should use the LED light bulbs in purpose of using less energy. LED bulbs use 80% less energy. Also they are more durable compared to other types.

I listed some of things that we can implement to have an illustrated future. Most of the things listed provide less emission to the atmosphere.If you ask me, I can’t see such a thing that avoids us from applying those. Basicly, all we have to do is to consider for our planet. Nothing complicated.

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