Nuclear Power Plants

   First of all, it is necessary to know that non of the energy source can give the amount of energy provided by nuclear energy. In other words, a nuclear power plant is necessary for high energy production. You can provide energy to a large area with a power plant that does not take up much space. There is no release of gases such as Co2. But it is necessary to be very careful in its construction and use. Even a small mistake can lead to a bad incident in Chernobyl.

    Wind, solar energy, geothermal ; these are energy sources that have been used by too many countries. Lots of private companies invest their money about those energy sources. Wind farms began to be built everywhere quickly. Geothermal energy is used in case we have a place that is enough for its constructions. Electricity generation from solar energy is a fairly new technology and has not yet fully completed its development. It has a very low energy production as a result of a lot of effort and investment. Of course, there are investments and incentives for this.

Nuclear power plants have lots of disccussions about themselves. Their waste is dangerous and is a major potential hazard during operation. almost all developed countries have it (Germany decided to close it).
Bulgaria and Armenia also have old-type power plants very close to our borders. In those days new nuclear central have been building and in my opinion the staff and managers may cause an accident due to insufficient training.

From a political point of view, in order for the energy market to be stronger, it is necessary for an external dependent country to  reduce foreign dependence. The sun and its indirect energy cannot be used as the main power. They do not manage to constantly operate the filters of coal-fired factories. Besides, we don’t have any natural gas coming from outside. Oil etc. we don’t have it anyway. I think that the things that need to be done are to modernize the energy transmission and distribution system. To accelerate investments by reducing obstacles to wind and solar and to develop products with lower energy input with added value instead of heavy industry by giving importance to education.

Since there is a period when more efficient and more environmentally sensitive energy sources are being used at less cost on Earth, this is a determination that should be taken into account.

Nuclear energy, an industry that is rapidly sinking, has made world history with disasters. Obviously,
it is now a generally accepted fact in the world that nuclear power plants are the most expensive way to solve the energy problem. However, more and more societies are raising their voices every year against the unacceptable risks that nuclear energy carries for humanity and the environment.

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